Repairs & Maintenace Worksheets

Keep an eye on the costs for recurring maintenance and planned repairs using the Repairs & Maintenance Worksheet. 


1.    Item


Enter the name of the equipment being serviced or a category used to identify the item.

  • Examples are combine, tractor or repairs.

2.    Details


Enter the specifics about this item. 

  • For example, you may have minor and major maintenance scheduled in different months for the same combine. The Item for both lines may be Combine. One detail may be Maintenance and Cleaning and the other may be Elevator.

3.    Amount $


Enter the estimated cost for the work, including all fees, GST, parts and labour.

4.    Month F5


Press F5 and choose

·         If this is a single or recurring cost, chosen by month

·         The month(s) for the maintenance and repair cost

·         The Cost Code and Bank Account the cost is paid from


F5 Enter a Single Month for a Repair 

1.    Click in the Month F5 box after Amount $

2.    Press F5 and select the following:

·         Distribute – select Any 1, 2, 3 or 4 months

·         First Month – click on the Month you plan to pay for the maintenance

·         Select Code – choose Repairs Plant / Mach

·         Select Bank – choose the Bank Account used to pay for the work 

3.      Click on the green tick to OK the selections

4.      After all data has been entered, click on the green tick to save Worksheets the worksheets


  • If you have repair costs that require different codes to allocate the cashflow, change the Month Distribution to BLACK. This will be the same for all fixed costs worksheets. 
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