Insurance Worksheets

Let Agrimaster track your annual insurance expenses. Enter the policy and premium details for your farm and personal insurance into the Fixed Costs Insurance Worksheets. Be prepared for the cost of annual renewals. 

1.    Item Insured


Enter a name that describes the type of insurance

2.    Insurance Company


Enter the name of the insurer

3.    Policy Number


Enter the insurance policy number (recommended)

4.    Insured Value $


Enter the dollar value of the coverage

5.    Premium $


Enter the dollar value of the premium paid to the insurer

6.    Month F5


Press F5 and choose

·         How often the premium payments are made

·         The month(s) the premium is paid

·         The Cost Code and Bank Account for the payment


F5 Enter an Annual Payment 

1.    Click in the Month F5 box after Premium $

2.    Press F5 and select the following:

·         Distribute – select Yearly

·         First Month – click on the month to pay the insurance

·         Select Code – choose the insurance cost code

·         Select Bank – choose the Bank Account used to pay for the insurance

3.      Click on the green tick 

  After all data has been entered, click on the green tick to save the Worksheets

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