Edit Worksheets in Assets & Liabilities Group

Agrimaster gives you the flexibility to add to your Assets & Liabilities Worksheet Group. You’ve been working on your Assets & Liabilities details and realize you need to add another type of worksheet, such as a Share Portfolio sheet to track your investments in a prosperous season.

1.     Go to Budget 

2.    Click on Full Budget   

3.    Click on Assets and Liabilities 

4.     Click on Setup

5.    From Enter New Group Name or Select from list, choose the Worksheet Group that needs to be updated (10/11 Assets & Liabilities shown here) 

6.    In the Worksheets on File list, click on the worksheet to be added (AL:Share Portfolio shown)
Click Include

7.    Click on the green tick to save the enterprise group

8.    Click on Open

9.    At the Open Worksheets box, click on the Worksheet Group edited in the previous steps 


10.  Add the data to the new Worksheet

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