Add Row, F5 Functions & Copy Data

Use the Agrimaster Crop worksheets to assess costs for seed, fertiliser and chemicals. The same functions will be used in the three cost worksheets

  • Add items to a list of expenses by adding rows
  • Easily copy the number, such as duplicating the paddock area in the next row
  • Edit the price of fertiliser without having to back out of the current work

Add a Row for Costs 

1.    Click on the row number,
one row below where the new row
will be added

2.    Click on Insert Line
Insert Line adds the row above the selected row

3.    To add more than 1 row, click on the row number, again
Click on Insert Line again


F5 Budget Functions

Agrimaster Full Budget assists you with cost reference lists and budget tasks using the F5 function. The F5 function varies depending on the purpose of the column in the budget. 

Look for F5 listed in the column heading. For example, some of the F5 functions in the Seed Worksheet are: 

·         Crop F5 determines which Crop Name is sent from the Production Worksheet 

·         Seed Name F5 pulls up a cost list by seed name 

·         Area Ha F5 gives you maths functions including divide

To access the F5 function: 

·         Click into a box where a name, month or number is detailed 

·         Press F5 

·         The window with the corresponding assistance – a link, a maths operation, a month and bank code, or a cost list


Divide an Area or Number

Budgets can be shaped to fit your business. For example, 3 strains of wheat are going to be planted. Use the Agrimaster budget functions to divide the area and calculate the amounts of each wheat strain needed. After adding blank rows and adding the Seed Name: 

1.    Click on the Area Ha 

2.    Press the F5 key 

3.    In Select Adjustment, choose Divide by 

4.    In Adjust by, type a number to divide by

5.      Click on the green tick to OK


Duplicate Previous Number in the New Row

Quickly duplicate a name or number from a previous row into a new row 

Right-click into a box with a name, number or month

The number from above will be copied into the box

The active box will snap to the right


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