Cropping Reports

The Agrimaster Cropping Reports help you quickly review your cropping season. Look at the amount of area per crop or get a list of the items that are needed for your cropping season.

1.     Click the Home Page button 

2.    Click on Budget

3.    Click on Full Budget 

4.    Click on Worksheets

5.    Click on Open 

6.    At the Open Worksheets window, click on the Worksheet Group
(for example, 15-16 Cropping)


7.    Click on the Worksheets and verify you have the correct year and complete data 

8.    Look at the top of the worksheet for the Reports button 

The buttons in the window change slightly depending on the functions for the active worksheet 

9.    At the Worksheet Reports window, click Yes to save 

10.  At the Worksheet Group Reports window select your Cropping Worksheet Group

11.  In Report Type, select, Input List or Crop by Type 

12.  Click the green tick to OK the selections

13.  At the report preview, click Print 

14.  After the print preview opens, Save as a PDF, email or print


Crop Input Schedule Report 

The Crop Input Schedule report is similar to a shopping list. See the amount of seed, fertiliser and chemicals that will need to be purchased. The report displays estimated costs for each item and subtotaled by type of item. 


Crop by Type Report

The Crop by Type Report summarises the area, income and costs. Use the Crop by Type Report to assess which crops are most profitable and which crops cost the most to farm. 



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