Seed, Fertiliser & Chemical Worksheets

 Use the Agrimaster to assess costs for seed, fertiliser and chemicals. The 3 worksheets only vary slightly to match the type of cost. The layout, functions and calculations work in the same fashion. 

The first 2-columns of this worksheet have had their data transferred from the appropriate section in the Production Worksheet.

Auto Links: 

When an empty multiple input worksheet is displayed the Auto Links message will be shown. 

  1. Click Yes to display the Auto Link. This action will automatically create links for you from the production worksheet.  This saves you having to enter links one at a time.
  2. All crops/paddocks not yet present on the worksheet will be listed and highlighted. Click to de-select any that you do not wish to create links.
  3. For the relevant worksheet (this one being seed) enter the number of seed, fertiliser, chemical or operation lines to create for each crop/paddock (this example is 4).
  4. Click the green tick to create the links. 
  5. Wait until the worksheet is recalculated. The worksheet should not have links created for all Crops/Paddocks selected.

In the picture below you will notice that four lines have been created for each crop/paddock, and the crop/paddock name and area have been linked to the production worksheet. Do not fill the blank spaces below each Crop/Paddock name, as the multiple selection function in the cost list needs to know where each paddock ends.

Multiple Selection Of Inputs: 

  1. Click into the Seed Name column next to the paddock name.
  2. Press F5 to show the Cost Lists.
  3. Select any number of seed.
  4. Click Copy Many to WS to copy them to the worksheet. If more inputs were selected than the crops/paddock has lines, then the extra inputs will be discarded. See below for help in adding in extra lines to crops/paddocks. 
  5. Repeat for other crops/paddocks. 

Insert Extra Input Lines:

If a crop/paddock requires an extra line:

  1. Click the line number at the insert position.
  2. Click to insert the line.

  3. Right-click in the grey area column to repeat the link from the line above. 

Entering Data: Seed, Fertiliser & Chemical Worksheet Details


  1. In Crop F5 Agrimaster copies the crop from the Production Worksheet. 
  2. Press F5 in Seed Name F5 to access the cost lists and choose seed/fertiliser/chemical by name and price.
  3. Press F5 in Area Ha F5 to adjust the area (e.g. dividing the area across multiple varieties of seed). 
  4. In the Rate Kg/Ha cell, enter the seed rate and press enter.
    • Chemical worksheet: in the kg:ml:gm per Ha, enter the chemical application rate and press enter. If a chemical is listed in litres in the Cost List it should be entered here as millilitres. 
  5. Agrimaster calculates the Qty to Use.
  6. If applicable, enter the Qty on Hand cell. Do not enter a greater quantity than required.
  7. The Round to Size cell is used in order to get the quantity needed closer to a more orderable size. Complete data if applicable.
  8. Agrimaster calculates the Qty to Buy.
  9. In the Price Unit cell, Agrimaster will copy the type of measure from the cost list (e.g. tonnes, litres, kg).
  10. Agrimaster will copy the cost per measured unit from the cost list into the Cost Per Unit cell.
  11. In Total Cost cell, Agrimaster calculates the cost of buying seed to cover the specified area (Area Ha x Qty to Buy x Cost Per Unit).
  12. In the Month cell, press F5 or click the Months icon to select the month of payment, budget code and bank account to which it is to be allocated.
  13. Select First Month, Code and Bank Account.
  14. Click on the green tick to ok the selection.
  15. Repeat Insert Lines (adding rows) and entering data in columns 1-12 until the Seed Worksheet data is complete.

How To Separate Purchases Into Different Months 

In some cases, a variety of seed or a chemical will be purchased and used in a different month than the rest of the crop. Switch the worksheet from using the same month across all categories to using separate months as needed for each row. 

If all of the purchases are done in the same month, to the same Cost Code and paid from the same Bank account use the red Month F5 format (below left). 

If any of the purchases in the detail worksheet are in a different month, from a separate Cost Code or from a different Bank Account, separate the data using the black Month F5 format (above right). 

  1. Click into the Month F5 box you want to change.
  2. Go to the top-right side of the worksheet.
  3. Click on Change to DIFFERENT code for each line. 
  4. At the Change Distribution Method warning, click Yes.

  5. Press F5 and select the First Month, Cost Code and Bank Account. 
  6. Click on green tick and note the month and code. 

Saving Worksheets

When all detail is complete in a worksheet, click on the green tick to save the worksheets. 




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