Seed, Fertiliser & Chemical Cost Worksheets

 Use the Agrimaster to assess costs for seed, fertiliser and chemicals. The 3 worksheets only vary slightly to match the type of cost. The layout, functions and calculations work in the same fashion. Add rows to include specific seed varieties, additional fertilisers or additional chemicals. See Add Rows, F5 Functions & Copy Data. 


Seed, Fertiliser & Chemical Worksheet Details 

1.    Crop F5


Agrimaster copies the Crop from the Production Worksheet for all 3 worksheets

2.    Seed Name F5
Fertiliser Name F5
Chemical Name F5


Press F5 to access the Cost Lists and choose

·         Seed by name and price

·         Fertiliser by name and price

·         Chemical by name and price

3.    Area Ha F5


Press F5, if you need to adjust the area, such as dividing the area across multiple varieties of seed

4.    kg per Ha
kg per Ha
kg:ml:gm per Ha


Type the amount of seed per hectare needed (refer to your seed supplier’s specifications) 

Seed and Fertiliser are detailed by kg per hectare and chemicals by litre per hectare

5.    Qty To Use


Agrimaster calculates the tonnes of seed or fertiliser or litres of chemical needed to cover the area in this row

6.    Qty On Hand


Type the amount of seed, fertiliser or chemical you have stored 

Type a number less than or equal to the amount that you need, even if you have more on hand than you need.

7.    Round to Size


Optional, type the difference between the amount of seed, fertiliser or chemical you need based on the increments available from the supplier 

For example, your supplier sells in 5 tonne and 10 tonne increments. You need 13.2 tonnes, so need to round the purchase up to 15 tonnes 

Tip - press the F3 key to open the calculator 

Add Qty to Use + Qty On Hand and subtract the answer from the quantity that your supplier sells 

Click on EX to insert 1.8 into Round to Size

8.    Qty To Buy


Agrimaster calculates the amount of seed, fertiliser or chemical to buy to cover the cropping area

9.    Price Unit


Agrimaster copies the type of measure from the Cost List (examples - tonnes, litres, kg)

10.  Cost Per Unit


Agrimaster copies the cost per measured unit from
the Cost List

11.  Total Cost


Agrimaster calculates the cost of buying seed to cover the specified area (Area Ha x Qty to Buy x Cost Per Unit)

12.  Month F5


Press F5 and choose 

·         First Month to purchase the seed, fertiliser or chemicals

·         Cost Code

·         Bank Account to book the purchase to


Select First Month, Code and Bank Account 

  Click on the green tick to OK the selections 

Repeat Insert Lines (adding rows) and entering data in columns 1-12 until the Seed Worksheet data is complete 

How to Separate Purchases into Different Months 

In some cases, a variety of seed or a chemical will be purchased and used in a different month than the rest of the crop. Switch the worksheet from using the same month across all categories to using separate months as needed for each row. 

If all of the purchases are done in the same month, to the same Cost Code and paid from the same Bank account use the RED Month F5 format (below left) 

If any of the purchases in the detail worksheet are in a different month, from a separate Cost Code or from a different Bank Account, separate the data using the BLACK Month F5 format (above right). 

1.    Click into the Month F5 box you want to change

2.    Go to the top-right side of the worksheet 

3.    Cick on Change to DIFFERENT code for each line 

4.    At the Change Distribution Method warning, click Yes

5.    Press F5 and select the First Month, Cost Code and Bank Account 

6.     Click on OK  and note the Month and Code 

Save Worksheets 

When all detail is complete in a worksheet, click on the green tick to save the Worksheets

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