Operations Worksheet

The Operations Worksheet helps you forecast the costs for machines, services or people needed during the cropping season. 

Where the timing can be planned, record the month that the cost will be booked against. Some timing is dependent on weather or the readiness of the crop prior to harvest. These variable timed events can be tracked without being tied to a month.

Crop Operations Cost Columns


1.    Crop Type F5


Agrimaster will copy the Crop Type (crop names) from the Production Worksheet

2.    Operation Name F5


Press F5 and select an operation from the Cost List

3.    Area or Prod. Ha:T F5


Agrimaster will calculate the Operation from the Cost List. 

Agrimaster recognizes the Tonnes or Hectares from the Cost List and multiplies by the Area Ha or Total Yield. If you need to make a change to this, such as multiplying or dividing the number, press F5

4.    No. Ops.


Type the number of operations (people or machines) required to complete the work

5.    Total Ha or Tonne


Agrimaster multiplies the number of operations (No.Ops.) by the Area or Prod. Ha:T

6.    Price Unit


Agrimaster displays the type of measure, such as Tonnes or hectares

7.    Cost Per Unit


Agrimaster displays the amount of the cost from the Cost List

8.    Total Cost


Agrimaster calculates the total expense for the item in this row 

The total is Area or Prod. Ha:T x Total Ha or Tonne x Cost Per Unit

9.    Month F5


Press F5 to identify if there is a specific month for this cost 

Choose No distribution in the case where the harvest month can vary depending on weather and the readiness of the crop


The No Distribution option will be displayed as a dashed line in the Month F5 column in contrast to specific month(s) for an Operation

Repeat the data entry for each Operation cost in each Crop Type 

Add Blank Rows for Additional Operations

If you need an additional row for another operation for a crop 

1.    Go to the row underneath where you need a new row

2.    Click on the row number

3.    Click on Insert line

4.    After all data has been entered, click the green tick to save the worksheets

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