Crop Workshops Overview

Agrimaster Crop Worksheets help you plan your cropping season. Start with an overview of your crops and cropping area. Detail your income by month and type of buyer. Know when and how much seed, fertiliser and chemicals you will be purchasing. Monitor the costs of machinery or services and operators within a cropping season. 

If needed, plan how your grain loans fit your yield, income and expenses. Compare how your yield and sales are changing your loan balance.

Crop Worksheet Group


1.    Production


A summary of budget period with an overview by crop type, cropping area and expected yield

Includes columns for Pool and Non Pool tonnes. Optional columns are available for loans that are detailed using the grain calculator and 2 detail worksheets (Grain Income and Income Cash Flow).

2.    Pool Income


A detailed grain pool worksheet with starting numbers from 

·         Crop Type and Total Yield in Production 

Add the expected selling price and selling costs (freight, storage, handling).

3.    Non Pool Income


A detailed worksheet for private grain sales with starting numbers from 

·         Crop Type and Non Pool tonnes in Production 

Track amounts and sales prices by sales price and month. Identify over commitments (Carry Over) where the combined pool and non pool grain exceeds the total yield. Adjust the sales to fit the total yield.

4.    Grain Income*


An optional, detailed worksheet that balances grain loans with payments and yield. Combines data from the Cash Book accounts and the specifics of the grain loan with the expected total yield. This worksheet will be triggered when starting data was entered into 

·         Grain Loan Option in Production 

* The Grain Calculator is used to complete the Grain Income worksheet (covered in the Grain Calculator section)

5.    Income Cash Flow*


An optional summary worksheet that calculates the financial activity such as the loan drawdown, balance and past pool payments 

*The data is calculated from the data entered into the Grain Calculator (covered in the Grain Calculator section). No data is directly typed into the Income Cash Flow worksheet.

6.    Seed


A detailed worksheet to plan your seed purchases starting with numbers from

 ·         Crop Type and Area in Production

Look up seed by name and get the price per tonne from the Cost List. Agrimaster calculates the total costs. Note the month you need to buy the seed. Optional, subtract quantity of seed on hand or round the amount of seed to be ordered.

7.    Fertiliser


A detailed worksheet to organise fertiliser purchases starting with numbers from 

·         Crop Type and Area in Production 

Look up fertiliser types and prices on the Cost Lists. Enter the recommended kg to be applied per Ha and Agrimaster calculates how much fertiliser needs to be purchased. Optional, subtract the amount of fertiliser you have in stock.

8.    Chemicals


A detailed worksheet to organise chemical purchases starting with numbers from 

·         Crop Type and Area in Production

Find the chemicals and prices on the Cost List. Agrimaster will calculate the amount to purchase. Identify the month that you need to buy the chemicals. Optional, subtract the amount you have on hand or round the amount to be purchased up to match the sizes your supplier offers.

9.    Operations


A detailed worksheet to forecast the types of machines or services needed by type of crop. Starting numbers come from 

·         Crop Type and Area in Production 

Choose the appropriate operation from the Cost List with the estimated cost. For example, estimate the cost per hectare for seeding Canola and note how many operators (personnel) you need. Optional, add the month the work will be performed.


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