Stock Valuation Worksheets

This will determine the value of your stock. The Agrimaster Valuation Worksheets supply data to the Budget and to the Statement of Position report. Agrimaster will detail the value of the livestock as an asset. 

The data for Open and Close No's has been transferred from the Stock Reconciliation Worksheet. Here you are only required to enter open and closing values. 


  1. Click in column one for the Open Val $/HD cell, complete value. Press enter or use the arrow down key to complete the values in the next stock class field. Type the dollar amount per head of stock approximating the sale price of this stock at the beginning of the season. 
  2. Repeat the same as above for Close Val $/HD. 
  3. Total Close Value will be calculated by Agrimaster. The total is calculated from Close No x Close Val $/HD.
  4. Click the green tick to save the data in Stock Valuation Worksheet and now progress to the Stocking Rate Worksheet. 
  5. Enter the remaining data into the worksheet.
  6. After all the data has been entered, click on the green tick to save the worksheets

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