Wool Sales Worksheets

Use the Wool Sales and Crutching Worksheets to estimate when and how many sheep you will need shearing services for. Forecast your income from wool sales based on the value of the wool being sold.


The data from the Shearing Number has been automatically transferred from the Stock Reconciliation worksheet.  Here you are required to enter cut/head kg, wool price via cost list and select the month and code.

  1. Click the Wool Sales worksheet.
  2. Click and complete data in Cut/Head KG, press enter.
  3. Enter Return/Kg$, press enter.
  4. When in Month column press F5 or click on the Months icon. Now select Distribute Period, Month, Receipt Code and Bank Account, click the green tick to save data. 
  5. Repeat this for the other Shearing Classes, remembering that you can use the repeat keys [or] if data is the same as the line above.
  6. Click the green tick to save the data in the Wool Sales Worksheet and now progress to the Crutching Worksheet. 

Data Entry Tips 

Enter the remaining data faster by right clicking in the next blank box down. Right click copies the same data or calculation from the box above. Copying the data or the calculation works in: 

  • Wool Cut / Head Kg.
  • Return / Kg $.
  • Month F5.


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