Purchases Worksheets

The Sheep Purchases and Sales worksheets are used to do detailed planning of the timing and types of changes in stock. Use the Purchases and Sales worksheets to forecast the age and type of stock to be traded. Track the month and the estimated value of the stock transaction.


The data from the Buy Number will automatically transfer from the Stock Reconciliation worksheet. All that is required here is to break down the data into prices and durations. 

  1. Click the first stock Purchases worksheet.
  2. You have 3-opportunities to purchase your stock (Purchase 1, 2 & 3). The total number transferred from the Stock Reconciliation can be split into one or all three of these purchase opportunities. 
  3. Click and enter the number to be purchased in Purchase #1 No, press enter.
  4. Complete data in Cost Per Headpress enter.
  5. Total Cost will be calculated by Agrimaster (Purchase No x Cost Per Head).
  6. When in the Month column, press F5 or click the Month icon, choose the Distribute Period, Month, Payment Code, Bank Account, click the green tick or press F10 to save data.
  7. Repeat this sequence along the same line for purchases 2 & 3.
  8. Check the total of purchases against totals in column 2. You will not be warned of differences, however, purchase 3 will always adjust to add up to the total purchased transferred from the stock reconciliation.
  9. Click the green tick to save the data in the Purchases Worksheet and now progress to the Sales Worksheet. 

Please Note: 

  • If you decide to change the number of stock purchased, you will need to change the number in the Stock Reconciliation worksheet.
  • If the Month Distribution column if the heading is red it means you can only distribute cash flow to the one code and bank account for the whole worksheet. If you use separate codes for sheep/cattle purchases/ sales and ram/bull purchases/sales you will need to change the month distribution to black.  
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