Setup 2 of 4 – Activate Full Budget Fuel Tax Rebate

Agrimaster streamlines the Australian Fuel Tax Rebate by tracking your fuel usage in both the Full Budget and Cash Book. Agrimaster reports summarise you fuel activity and organise the data you need for your BAS and ATO tax forms. 

  1. Check the GST setup
  2. Enter estimated usages in the Fuel Tax Rebate
  3. Add Suspense Codes (temporary accounts to hold imported data before assigned to an Income or Expense type)
  4. Optional, enter the Instalment Tax interval (for quarterly or monthly payments)


1.    After completing the GST Setup, Agrimaster returns you to the tax window

2.     Click on Fuel Tax Rebate

3.    At the Fuel Tax Credit Setup window, ensure both are checked

     ·         Activate in cashbook

      ·         Activate in budgets

4.    Click on the last tab, Fuel Tax Full Budget Setup 

5.    Type an approximate cost for diesel and petrol in cents (no decimal)
For example: 1.35 per litre is typed in as 135

6.    Type estimated percentages for how much of the diesel and the petrol will be used. Consult with a business consultant or accountant for reasonable percentages 

7.     Click on the green tick to OK the selection

8.     Click on the X to close

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