Wagemaster Overview

Welcome to the first step of setting up payroll.
Please Note: Wagemaster is a rebranded product of Wage Easy powered by Sage. In the Help Centre, we will always refer to it as Wagemaster. 
To get started with Wagemaster you need to:

  1. Watch the Overview of Wagemaster
    The 3 min video will help you to understand the logic behind the system.

  2. Download the Wagemaster Setup Guide
    The guides provide instructions to setup your payroll file. They outline all the steps you need to complete and links to the relevant help articles.

    Choose the guide relevant for you.
    If you purchased Payroll Assist download the Payroll Assist Guide.
    If you are setting up your payroll file yourself download the Self-Paced Guide. 

    Let_s_get_started__4_.png Let_s_get_started__5_.png

Click To Continue: Install Wagemaster Software

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