Back up to USB

Please note: Back up to USB is not the recommended option for backing up your files. File Manager is cloud-based backup and allows for universal access in a secure environment and it is offsite to your premises and the files are easily recoverable. If your internet connection is slow then tether to your phone for a short time to back up - this will save you hours of time and effort should your alternate back up fail. 

How to back up your Agrimaster data to a USB. 
Before backing up, insert a blank USB stick into your computer

  1. Double-click on My Computer (or This PC) and verify that your computer recognises the USB


  2.   Click on Home
  3.   Select the File menu
  4.   Select the Backup / Restore
  5. Backup to Other
  6. Select Backup to Other Folder
  7. If you do not see your files, select the green folder on the top-right hand corner if you see your file skip to step 9

  8. Double click on your user number and click on the green tick 
  9. Click to select the file to be backed up 
  10. Click on the green folder at the bottom of the screen to locate the USB Drive image232.jpg
  11. In this example F: is the USB drive 
  12. Click the green tick
  13. Select the file and then Click the green tick Again  
  14. Click on OK
  15. At the window to confirm the backup, click on OK 
  16. At the Backup Data File Successful message, click on OK

Eject a USB from Your Computer

Use your Windows system to close any active communication with your USB before you remove the USB stick from your computer.

  1. Look at the bottom right side of your Windows computer near the clock

     The icon may vary slightly depending on your version of Windows. Roll your mouse over the icon without clicking if you are unsure the correct icon has been selected

  2. Click on Safely Remove Hardware

    You should see a message - Safe to remove Hardware

  3. Remove the USB stick from your computer
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