Print Statements

Print monthly statements to remind your buyers (debtors) of unpaid invoices.

  1. Click on Home.

  2. Click on Cashbook.

  3. Click on Basic Invoicing Acc / Rec.
  4. Click on the Print Statements button.
  5. Click on Select All to print statements for all businesses with unpaid invoices or, hold the CTRL-key and click on any combination of multiple businesses. OR
  6. Click Select All to highlight all debtors or use your mouse to select individuals.
  7. Select the business you want to print statements for. These will be the same as the invoice formats you have setup.
  8. Select the month of the statement. In the Select Names field, all debtors for that month will be listed.
  9. Click on the Print icon to print the selected statements.
  10. Once you have printed all statements click the black cross to close the window.
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