Add Address and ABN to Invoices

Quickly create invoices for new customers in the Agrimaster Cashbook. Before you print, add the new customer’s address and ABN. (The ATO requires your customer's address and ABN for invoices over $1000).

Reminder to Add Address and ABN

You will see a warning if you try to print an invoice for a new customer, and you have not entered the address and ABN.


  • Click No, and add the address and ABN to the Cashbook Names and Addresses before printing
  • If you click Yes, you will need to handwrite the address and ABN into the blank space on the invoice


Setup Names and Addresses

  1. Go to the Agrimaster menu
  2. Choose Setup, then Names and Address

    The Agrimaster Contact Centre window opens


  3. Click on the first letter of the new customer’s name as you typed it For example, our customer is Howard Smith and is found by clicking on H
  4. Type in the Address and ABN (required by the ATO)

    Optional, add for your personal reference items that will not be included on the basic invoice

    • Fax, mobile and email
    • Terms of Trade
    • Group
  5. Click on to save
  6. Click on to close

  7. Print the Invoice (using the print tax invoice steps) The address will be included at the top of the printed tax invoice

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