Create Tax Invoices

Businesses are required to create a tax invoice for goods or services purchased from a business. Use Agrimaster Cashbook to issue invoices and track the money owed to your business.

  1.    Click on Home
  2.   Click on Cashbook
  3.  Click on Basic Invoicing Acc / Rec
  4. Look in the Ref. column for the last invoice number

    Write down or remember this Ref number (recommended, use Reference number to sequentially number invoices).

  5.  Click on the Add New icon to open the Enter Cashbook Transactions window
  6. Enter the sale information



    Use POST GST transaction to calculate the GST


    Ask your accountant for advice if you may be selling items that qualify for GST free or special GST rates

    Bank Account


    Choose your bank account that the payment should go into



    Type the next invoice number (see Ref in step 4)



    Type the name of the business or person buying the items or services from you


    Accrual based accounts only, Agrimaster enters the Tax Invoice Number and Tax Invoice Date at the right side of the window

  7. Speak with your accountant for more advice on accrual based invoicing
  8. Go to Code and type or choose the type of item you are selling


  9. Press the Tab key or click with the mouse and type a number in the Quantity


  10. Optional, type or chose a different measure of Quantity (“Head” shown here)
  11. Press the Tab key or click into Amount

  12. Optional, whilst in Amount, press the F3 key to get the calculator


    • Type or click the numbers and math functions you need
    • Click on = to get the answer
    • Click EX to put the calculated answer into the Amount

  13. Press the Tab key and review the GST $ and Net of GST in row 1
  14. Optional, to add another item to the invoice, click into the next blank row Repeat steps 7-12
  15. After all items being sold are entered into the invoice, click on to save or press F10
  16. Click on to close and return to the Unpaid Invoices and Accounts Receivable window
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