Enter GST Free Levies or Duties

You can record GST free levies or duties in the same transaction. If you do not have GST free Codes as an option, contact the Agrimaster help desk to set up the Codes you need.

  1. Click into the next blank row (split) if you are not already in a blank row
  2. In Code, go to the appropriate EXPENSES group and choose the Levies
    or Levies-No GST

    Your Levies may have a slightly different Code description than the example here, because the Code descriptions can be customised for each business

  3. Look for duties or levies that are GST free items

  4.  Click into the Amount field and press F3 to start the calculator

  5. After the calculator window opens

    a)    Type the amount
    of the Duty 

    b)    Click the + (plus) 

    c)    Type the amount
    of the Levy 

    d)    Click the = (equal) 

    e)    Click on EX to transfer
    the total into the Amount 

    f)     Press the Enter key

  6.  Review the totals in the Cash Book and match the numbers to the tax invoice


  7. Click on  to save and click on  to close
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