Setup Enterprises

What Is An Enterprise?
An Enterprise is a major income-earning business activity such as sheep, cattle or cropping.

Any transaction can have an Enterprise recorded against it so Enterprise based reports can be generated.

Enterprises are optional and are only used in the cashbook when an appropriate item is encountered. The accountant does not require this information.

Setup Enterprises

  1. Start at the Home Page. 
  2. Click Setup & Tools.
  3. Click Cashbook Setup.
  4. Click Enterprises.
  5. Setup Enterprises window will be displayed. 
  6. If there aren't any Enterprises, you will automatically be in Add New Enterprises mode.
  7. If Enterprises do not exist, click the Add New icon or press F6 to switch to Editing mode.
    mceclip8.png mceclip9.png
  8. Enter the Enterprise Name (e.g. sheep, wool, cropping).
  9. Click the green tick, press F10 or click Up or Down button to save data.
    mceclip11.png mceclip8.png
  10. Repeat the above format for each Enterprise.

Please Note: 

If you wish to edit or delete an existing Enterprise or Allocation, you must be in Editing mode. Choose the Enterprise or Allocation you wish to alter and save or delete accordingly. 

Enterprises and Allocations can only be deleted when they have not been previously used.  If they do contain records, then see Hiding a Code, Enterprise, or Allocation.

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