Setup Allocations

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What Is An Allocation?
Transactions in the cashbook can be allocated to a particular cost centre.

An example of this would be: Code = Licences Allocation = Holden Ute.

Similar to Enterprises, if data is entered in a uniform manner it is an excellent management tool when collating reports. 

Allocations are optional and are only used in the cashbook when an appropriate item is encountered.
The accountant does not require this information.

Setup Allocations

  1. Start at the Home Page.
  2. Click Setup & Tools.
  3. Click Cashbook Setup.
  4. Click Allocations.
  5. The Setup Allocations window will open.
  6. Where no Allocations exist, you will automatically be in Add New Allocation mode.
  7. If Allocations do exist, click the Add New icon or press F6 to switch to Editing.
    mceclip6.png mceclip7.png
  8. Choose if the item is a Heading or Code.
  9. Enter in the Allocation Name. 
  10. Choose a Link to Code using the dropdown box.
  11. Click the green tick, press F10, Up or Down button to save data.
    mceclip9.png mceclip10.png
  12. Repeat the above format for each additional Allocation. 
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