Add an Entity Key

 To add an Entity Key

  1. Open the Agrimaster file for the new entity
  2. Click Setup & Tools 
  3. Click Registration 
  4. Click Software Registration  Your details should already be listed. If your details are not listed here, please complete the missing details and then click the green tick
  5. Click the button at the bottom right-hand corner with orange and green keys (if the keys do not appear & your details have been filled in, please contact Support) 
  6. On the Agrimaster Entity Licence Registration page, click Add new  


    Complete the details as per the email you have received from us

  7. Tick the box Set as Current Entity Licence 
  8. Click the green tick
  9. Your Entity Key is now connected to the file and your details should now print correctly in the watermark and appear in the footer of your reports



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