Add A New Fuel Tax Rate

In certain circumstances, you may need to manually add a Fuel Tax Rate.

You will need the new tax rate from the ATO. To obtain the current Fuel Tax Credit rates, please visit the ATO website.

Follow these steps to add a new Fuel Tax Rate:

  1. On the Home Page, click Setup and Tools 
  2. Click Cashbook Setup 
  3. Click Tax 
  4. Click Setup Fuel Tax Rebate 
  5. In the Fuel Tax Credit Setup screen

    • Click the Fuel Codes and Usage tab
    • Click the Fuel Tax Rates button (top left-hand corner)

Note: If you have more than one Fuel ax Entity, you will need to repeat these steps for each one listed, following the instructions from Step 7.

  1. A list of the Fuel Tax Rates and the effective dates will be displayed on the Fuel Tax Credit Rates screen 

  2. Click Add New 
  3. The Add New Fuel Rate screen will display. Example show below

    • Enter the Start Date that the new rate applies
    • Enter the Heavy Vehicles (On-Road) rate
    • Enter the rate for All Other Vehicles (Off-Road)
    • Click the green tick to save your changes 
  1. The new rates you have created will show in the list. Any rates that you have manually added will not show a red tick in the ATO box. (These indicate rates that were supplied by Updates)

  1. Click the black cross twice to exit the Fuel Tax Setup screen.
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