Amalgamating Full Budgets

Amalgamating budgets allows you to take two full budgets and combine them into one full budget to get a total budget.

You may wish to have two separate properties and budget for them separately but are required to provide a combined budget to present to the bank. 

You must have at least two full budgets on file in order to amalgamate them.

To amalgamate budgets: 

  1. Select Budget.
  2. Select Full Budget.
  3. Select Amalgamate Budgets
  4. Select the two budgets that you wish to amalgamate by highlighting the budget names in the
    left-hand box.
  5. Type in a name for the amalgamated budget in the top right-hand box.
  6. Click the green tick.
  7. Once the amalgamation is finished you will see the following message box, click on Ok.
  8. The new amalgamated budget will be displayed on the screen.
  9. If any conflicts occurred you will need to fix these. 
  10. To display the two budgets amalgamated into one budget, click on the printer icon.
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