Creating A Statement Of Position

A Statement of Position can be prepared using data entered into Enterprise Worksheets, Assets & Liabilities Worksheets and bank account balances from the full budget.  The report will show both the position (your equity) at the start of the year and the estimated position at the end of the year.

To Generate A Statement Of Position Report

  1. Click Budget.
  2. Click Full Budget.
  3. Click Assets & Liabilities.
  4. Click Statement of Position.
  5. The screen below with now appear.mceclip6.png
  6. Complete the following: 
    • Select the first month.
    • Highlight the worksheets to be included.
    • Select the balance source. 
    • Where you have chosen the budget as the balance source, highlight the relevant budget.
  7. Click green tick or press F10  to save. The report will now compile the data.
  8. Click the Print icon to print data. mceclip8.png
  9. Click the black cross to close the screen. 
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