Set or Resetting Your Password

How to set your password for the first time or reset your password

These instructions are only valid for Agrimaster versions up to and including 6.3.54

To Reset your Password with File Manager Click Here

  1. Start at the Home Pageimage187.png
  2. Click on Fileimage217.png
  3. Click on Backup Restoreimage242.png
  4. Click on Backup to m:driveimage243.png

  5. The m:drive login window opens. Click on the Forgot Your Password linkforget_password.png
  6. Once you have clicked this link, a box will pop up. Enter in your user number and email address
  7. Click on the green tickimage38.png and a box will pop upconfirmation_email.png
  8. You will be sent an automatically generated email with your new temporary password.
  9. Once you have received this email, you will need to copy the temporary password

    Because the password is randomly generated, it is recommended that you copy and paste the new password into the logon screen and then change your password. 

    (To copy and paste, highlight the temporary password and then press Ctrl C to copy and Ctrl V to paste)
  10. Return back to the m:drive window and click on the set of keys button2_keys.png
  11. Enter or paste (Ctrl V to paste) in your temporary password in the existing password file field 
  12. Enter in your new password in both dialogue boxes

    NOTE: Please follow the password policy as your password:

    • Must be at least 8 character long
    • Must contain at least 1 capital letter
    • Must be a combination of letters and numbers
  13. Press the green tick buttonimage38.png to confirm changes
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