Code, Enterprise and Allocation List


Code is the term used to describe the transaction or ledger account name such as “Water Repairs”. 

The code determines whether a transaction is a receipt or payment.  The code list is made up of Major Headings, Group Headings and Codes.  The list will include the information your accountant and consultant require and what you need for your day to day management purposes.   

Codes enable Agrimaster to find data easily when you require a report and it allows the accurate calculation of the GST. To allow for fast entry of data, codes can be automatically linked to enterprises, allocations and quantity types. Each code is given a GST category which allows for the automatic calculation of the GST when entering transactions. 

There are no limits to the number of codes that you can have, however, more is not necessarily better. As the information and reporting requirements of every business is different it is best to customise any code lists imported from other files or used by other parties to suit your needs. 


Enterprise is a major income-earning business activity within your business, such as sheep, cattle or cropping. Any transaction can have an enterprise recorded against it so enterprise based reports can be generated. You will need to have and use enterprises if you wish to use the full budget function of Agrimaster. The Accountant does not require this information. 


Transactions in the cashbook can also be allocated to a particular cost centre. An example of this would be: 

Code = Repairs & Maintenance > Enterprise = Croppint > Allocation = Tractor#3

Similar to Enterprises, if data is entered in a uniform manner it is an excellent management tool when collating reports. 

Allocations are optional and are only used in the cashbook when an appropriate item is encountered. Allocations are essential to feed the Stock Control Registry. 


Print and edit the attached pdf below to match your business needs. Add the income and cost branch of your business into the Enterprise. List single or multiple equipment, parts of the business or types of staff in the Allocation, as needed. If your accountant uses an external system, note the codes in the Alternate Code columns.



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