Export to Accountant's System

Cash Book transactions to your accountant’s system using USB memory stick or a CD disk. Your accountant will be able to import your data into his or her system.               

  1. Required
    Prior to using the accountant’s export function, you and the accountant must complete the steps in Setup Alternate Codes.

    Have your accountant print a list of codes for you to use during the export. Likewise, you can print and provide the Agrimaster Sample Codes, Enterprise and Allocations list.

    The alternate account codes vary by accounting system. The numbers shown in these steps are only an example.

    If you have not setup the Alternate Codes Give your accountant printed copies of the GST Reports. See Tips for Choosing GST Reports.

  2.   Click on Home
  3.   Click on Setup & Tools
  4.   Click on Import/Export Data
  5.   Click on Export To Accountant’s System
  6. Use the drop down list to select your accountant’s software program
  7. At the Export message window, click Yes
  8. Complete the date and transaction options

    First Month Last Month


    Choose the starting and ending month of the activity you want to share



    If your accountant needs this data, check the box Type the code provided by your accountant

    Uncoded transactions


    Recommended: Select Pause for coding

    GST Payable Input Credits


    Type the codes provided by your accountant

    Note that example codes here are only for demonstration. These examples do not work with your actual accounts.

  9. Insert a USB memory stick or a blank CD into your computer drive
  10. Click on the white space labeled Click below to enter or select FILE to export
  11.  In the Export File window, select the USB stick or drive
  12. Type in a file name (for example, 2015-November-Agrimaster)
  13.  Click on
  14. At the Export Interface window, click on

Adding Missing Accountant’s Codes

Optional, if you have selected Pause for Coding, the export will present any transactions that do not have a code setup to match your accountant’s system. Have your accountant’s list of accounts (sometimes referred to as a chart of accounts, GL or General Ledger) available.

  • At the No Accountant's Code window, type your accountant’s code for transactions that do not have an Alternate Code setup (Account code 5-2100 shown here is an example)


  1. After you add Account code, click
  2. At the Export successfully completed window, click on to save
  3. At the Export Interface window, click on to close
  4. Provide the USB stick or disk to your account
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