Email an Agrimaster File

Best practice is not to email files but to use File Manager and share files with other users/accountants or consultants. 

There are two ways to email your Agrimaster file to another user, including your accountant:

  • Sending automatically (if your email is configured correctly within windows)
  • Sending manually (if your email is not configured in windows or is not compatible)

If you have trouble emailing your file because it is too large then it may be worth considering shortening your file

If you have received a file via email, click here for help restoring the file

Send Your File by Email

  1. From Agrimaster Home Page, click on File 
  2. Click on Backup Restore 
  3. Then click on Backup to Other 
  4. Click on Backup to Email 
  5. Select the green folder on the top-right hand corner
  6. Double left click on your user number and green tick 
  7. The Send Backup via Email window appears 
    • Select the file to be emailed
    • Click on the green envelope. The file will now be compressed for emailing
    • If the file has not been backed up before, go to Step 7
    • If the file has been backed up before, the following screen will be displayed 

      Click on the green tick to overwrite the file (this action is NOT overwriting your original file). Go to Step 7

  8. The 'How do I send an email?' screen is displayed. Click on Open Folder Now 
  9. You will be taken to the Agrimaster Backup folder where the file is saved 
    • Right click on the file you wish to send
    • Select Send to > Mail Recipient
  10. Your email program will open with the selected file attached to a new email message 
    • Address the message to your accountant
    • Include the date and purpose of the file in the subject
    • Add a message to your accountant
    • Send the message

Send Your File Manually

You can attach and send the Agrimaster backup file to your accountant using web based email. Start with the email instead of starting with the backup file.

  1. Create an email message addressed to your accountant (for email like Gmail)
  2. Look for the Attach File icon, a paperclip button inside your new email message
  3. Click the paperclip (Gmail shown in this example)
  4. Look at the left side of the Open window for ‘Computer’ or ‘This PC’

    Your window may look slightly different depending on your version of Windows

  5. Open the folders: This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Users > Public > Agrimaster > backup

    (You may see ‘the path’ C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\backup)  

  6. Click on your file

    If you have more than 1 file in the backup folder, identify the file by the Date modified

  7. After the file is attached you may see your file name followed by .bca in the email

  8.  After the file has been attached, click Send 

How to find the location of the backed-up file

To find the location of the backed-up file 

  1. Double left mouse click on C: (your C: drive may have a different name) 
  2. Double left mouse click on the Users folder 
  3. Double left mouse click on the Public folder 
  4. Double left mouse click on the Agrimaster folder 
  5. Double left mouse click on the backup folder 
  6. Check that the file is a .bca file and check it is today’s date 
  7. Attach this file (double left mouse click on it) to your email message. Enclose a message to the recipient if necessary and then send the email message
  8. Send your email in the normal manner


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