Print Tax Invoices

Use Agrimaster Cashbook to print tax invoices to be mailed or hand delivered to your buyers or customers.

  1. Click on Home
  2.   Click on Cashbook
  3.  Click on Basic Invoicing Acc / Rec
  4. The Unpaid Invoices and Accounts Receivable window opens Click on Print or Pay Invoice
  5.  Choose the invoice(s) to be printed
    mceclip2.png Select the invoice/s you want to print. 
    All invoices: Click on Select All
    One invoice: Click on the invoice
    More than one invoice: Hold the CTRL (control) key and click on each invoice
    mceclip3.png  Click the checkbox to generate a “Recipient Created Tax Invoice”
    mceclip4.png Once the funds have been received, highlight the required invoice and click here to date the payment and move the invoice to the transaction list.
  6. Click on 
  7. At the Invoice Printer window, click on Yes Each brand of printer uses a printer-specific window When your printer window appears, click Print
  8. A Print Invoices window will confirm the number of invoices printed
  9. Click on to close and return to the Unpaid Invoices and Accounts Receivable window
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