Setup Tax Invoice

Save yourself time by issuing professional invoices from the Agrimaster Cashbook. Entering the data at the time of invoicing ensures you already have the information entered when you receive payment from your customers.

Follow these steps to customise your invoices with your business’ contact information and logo.

    1.  Click Home.
    2.   Click Cashbook.
    3.  Click Basic Invoicing Acc / Rec.

    4. Click Edit Format and Message. 
    5. In the Invoice Format window enter your business details and ABN.
    6. It is recommended to put the payment information in the Enter an optional message box.
    7. Click Select Logo. If you are having problems with the logo, please click here to troubleshoot.
      Please Note
      The logo must be in bitmap format (bmp), and 5 x 5 cm (187 x 187 pixels).
    8. Your logo must be saved in this directory:
    9. The Invoice Logo screen will be displayed. Click Select Logo Bitmap File and choose the file path where the logo is saved.
    10. Click the green tick to save. 
    11. Close the black cross to return to the Unpaid Invoices and Accounts Receivable window. 
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