Transaction Shows Incorrect GST

This article is for users who have a transaction that is not calculating the GST correctly.

To fix this issue, check the following:

  1. Does the Code have the correct GST category?

    See Setup Codes.

  2. Have you entered the correct Code and Amount?

    The Code identifies the purpose of payment or purchase. Examples: Repairs-Plant/Mach or Water Repairs.

    The Amount should include GST, unless this expense is GST Free or the supplier is GST Not Registered. Are the amounts shown on the supplier’s Tax Invoice inclusive or exclusive of GST?

  3. In the Enter Cashbook Transactions window, have you chosen the correct transaction Format in Agrimaster (for example inclusive or excluded) to match the supplier’s Tax Invoice?

    The selected Format performs a calculation across each of the listed items by Code.

                POST GST transaction automatically calculates GST.
                Supplier not registered for GST does not calculate GST.

  4. Are all items subject to GST on the Tax Invoice? If no, have you put all items under one Code?

    Two or more individual items with Codes on separate lines are referred to as “splits.” Check all of the splits.

    Instead, split items onto separate rows with the Code associated with GST and no-GST. 

    The GST settings for each Code on each row are visible in:

    • I/EInc identifies GST Inclusive and Ex GST Excluded item.
    • Category – type of GST for tax reporting.
    • % - GST percentage.
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