Find a Transaction

You can search the Cashbook for new or old transactions. Use the search to find the money spent or money received that does not match your bank statement during a reconciliation. Or, find transactions to review how much your customer paid and what details you are on the customers' invoices.

  1.  Click on Home.
  2.  Click on Cashbook.
  3. Click Find Edit.

    Two windows will open: the Find Transactions (the back window) and the Select Transactions to Find (the front window).

  4. Go to the Select Transactions To Find window.

    • If you only remember part of your supplier’s name, click on the drop-down and scroll to a name in the list or click Name and type the part of the name you can remember.

    • Type an asterisk (*) before and after the part of the name your remember.

    • The asterisks work in text fields. Do not use the asterisks in date or number fields. Instead, use the drop-down options, such as the months.


  5.  Click the Find selection.
  6. A list will be displayed of any transaction with the name you typed. Double-click on the record you want to review or edit.

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