Deactivate Agrimaster From Your Computer

If you want to move your copy of Agrimaster from one computer to another computer, you may need to deactivate the old computer before you are able to Activate Agrimaster on another computer.

Deactivate Agrimaster from a computer that is not accessible or non-functional

If the old computer is no longer accessible or functioning, please contact the Agrimaster support team by either via Online Chat, email, Submitting a Request or telephone.

Deactivate Agrimaster automatically from an accessible and functional computer

If the old computer is accessible, follow these steps

  1. Open Agrimaster on the computer from which you wish to remove Agrimaster
  2. Ensure you have a backup of your Agrimaster data in either File Manager 
  3. On the Home page (or the centre console of smaller buttons) click Setup & Tools
  4. Click Registration
  5. Select Deactivate Software Licence
  6. Select the Deactivate Automatically (via Internet connection) option, then click the Deactivate button 


  7. At the Deactivate Software Licence box, click Yes 
  8. You will be asked if you are sure, click Yes  
  9. Please wait while the program is deactivated  
  10. Once your computer has been deactivated, you will see the following message. Click Ok 
  11. You can now activate your new computer

Deactivate Agrimaster manually from an accessible and functional computer

We recommend you only choose the manual deactivation process option only if the automatic option is not available.

  1. Follow Steps 1 – 5
  2. At the Deactivate window, the Deactivate Automatically is greyed out or not selectable. The default selection is Deactivate Manually (via Agrimaster Support). Click Deactivate 
  3. Click Yes 

  4. Click Yes 

  5. Send the Deactivation Form to Support 
  6. Click Close 
  7. Click OK 

Note: Although Agrimaster is now deactivated on the old PC, you may need to contact support to remove that PC from our database before you will be able to activate Agrimaster on your new computer.



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