Setup Bank Accounts

Agrimaster allows you to have as many bank, loan, credit card, merchandise or stock accounts as your business requires. They can be added to your file at any time and deactivated when no longer in use.

  1. Start at the Home Page mceclip0.png
  2. Click Setup & Tools mceclip1.png
  3. Click Cashbook Setup mceclip2.png
  4. Click Bank Accounts mceclip3.png
    • Where Bank Accounts do not exist, you will be in ‘Add New’ mode mceclip6.png
    • If Bank Accounts exist, click the Add New icon or press F6 to switch to mode mceclip7.png
    • Complete the required details where the cursor appears. Press Enter or the Tab keys to progress through each field 
    • Ensure opening balances and as at dates are correct. If the Bank account is open, ensure mceclip5.pngthe check is marked in the Account Active box. 
  5. mceclip10.png Click the green tick, press F10  or click mceclip11.png or mceclip12.png to save data.
  6. Repeat the above format for additional Bank Accounts that require adding to the file. 


  • We recommend Credit Card, Pre-Payment Accounts with Agricultural Suppliers, Merchandise or Stock accounts are setup as separate bank accounts and in particular if the closing balance is not cleared to nil on a monthly basis.
  • If the balance is in DEBIT, make sure it is entered with a minus sign. E.g. -1000.00
  • "Working Account" is defined as the account you most commonly used to pay your bills and deposit your income.


  • Use the Closing Balance from the previous month's Bank Statement as the Balance for the account. E.g. If the file start month is July 2019, therefore the balance will be the 30 June 2019 closing balance. 
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