Setup Alternate Codes

Alternate Codes are also known as Accountant Codes.

By setting up your Accountant Codes you are able to prepare reports (e.g. Cash Trial Balance) for your Accountant using their Chart of Accounts.  Establishing the Alternate Codes also allows you to export your information to your Accountant’s software package. Follow these steps to configure your Accountants Codes:

  1. Start at the Home Page mceclip6.png
  2. Click Setup & Tools mceclip7.png
  3. Click Cashbook Setup mceclip8.png
  4. Click Alternate Codes mceclip9.png
  5. Click in the Acc.Export Code field for Bank/Code Name and enter your Acc. Export Code. 
  6. Click in the Accountant Code Name field for Bank/Code Name and type your Accountants Code Name. 

mceclip4.png Type your Accountant Export Code here. Repeat for all codes.

mceclip5.png Type your Accountant's Code Name here. Repeat for all code names 


mceclip1.png  To create reports accurately using the alternative codes, all of your Bank Accounts and all of your Codes must be given an Accountant Export Code and Name. Export the Cashbook to your Accountants software package via

Home Page > Import/Export Data > Export To Accountant's System 

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