Creating Items And Groups

This article will explain how to create Items and Groups in Enhanced Invoicing.

  1. Start at the Home Page.
  2. Select Cashbook.


3. Click Enhanced Invoicing Acc/Rec.

4. The Browse Invoices screen will appear. 
5. Select Manage Items from the menu on the left-hand side. 


To Create A Group

  1. From the Heading Name dropdown box, select ---Add New---. mceclip0.png
  2. Enter a new group name in the pop-up box.
  3.  Click the green tick.

To Create An Item

  1. Click on add new.
  2. Select the group you want the item to belong to in heading.
  3. Give your item a name.
  4. Select a default Code, Enterprise & Allocation. These will populate on your invoice/s each time you use that particular Item.
  5. Select a unit of measure from the dropdown list.
    • If the unit you require is not in the dropdown list, select the ---ADD NEW--- option and type in your required unit of measure in the pop-up box.
  6. Enter the unit price of the item in dollars.
  7. Enter a short and/or long description. These will populate on your invoice/s each time you use that particular Item. You will be given the opportunity to change or add to these when creating an invoice.
  8. Select the GST type Inclusive or Exclusive.
  9. Click the green tick or press F10.
  10. The created Group (if used) and item will now appear in the left-hand side box. Click on the + box to expand the Group to display the linked items and click on the - box to collapse back to Group names only.
  11. Repeat for all other items required.


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