Creating Credit Notes In Enhanced Invoicing

This help note looks at the creation and use of credit notes in Enhanced Invoicing.

When Do I Use A Credit Note?

If a client returns goods, or you decide to give your client a discount after you have invoiced them
due to late delivery or for other reasons.

All credit notes must be entered with:

  1. A negative quantity (unless it is a reversal of a negative payment).
  2. A positive unit price.

To Create A Credit Note 

  1. Click on New Invoice from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen or click Add New. 
  2. The Invoicing Wizard will be displayed.
  3. Click on Next.
  4. The Invoice Lines screen will now appear.
  5. Complete the invoice by adding what you need to add. Once you are happy that each line is correct, click the green tick.
  6. Once the credit note is finished click Next. 
  7. The Totals Notes screen will now appear. If you want to send your client a specific note, type it in the notes box.
  8. Please note that credit note totals will be a debit, not a credit.
  9. If you wish to see how your credit note will look prior to printing it you can click Preview.
  10. Otherwise, click Finish. 

When do I Receive Payment For A Credit Note?
This depends on how you treat the credit note.

If you wish to send your client a credit via cheque, eft or another method you should receive payment of the credit note when you send them the money.

If you want your client to pay you the amount they owe you less the credit note, you should not
receive payment on the credit note until you have received the net payment for the actual invoice(s) to which it relates.

Should you have any questions about when you should receive payment for credit notes in your particular business situation please call Agrimaster support on 08 6380 8800.

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