Windows XP Users - Time To Upgrade

Running Windows XP?
Time to Upgrade your PC!

On the 8th April 2014 Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP. 

Read the article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Agrimaster will endeavour to support Windows XP users after 8th April 2014, but due to Microsoft not supporting Windows XP, there could be some issues with the Agrimaster program. Therefore, we are not able to guarantee that all issues or problems can be resolved.

We strongly recommend all Windows XP users consider upgrading their computers/operating systems as soon as possible.

If you are looking to purchase a replacement computer to run your Agrimaster program, please ensure your computer meets the following requirements: 

  1. At least 2GB Ram
  2. At least 500gb Hard Drive
  3. MS Windows Vista or Higher

Agrimaster is compatible with Windows 10 (the most current release of Windows by Microsoft), Windows 8 & 7 and Windows Vista. Agrimaster is not fully compatible with Windows 8 RT - this is only available on low end Windows 8 tablets.

Update :

Click here for an article on how XP security issues might affect you.

If you are not sure which computer to purchase or need help moving your Agrimaster program over to your new computer: log a support call or connect with our Support Team via our real time online Chat.

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