Auto Backup Settings For M:drive

These instructions are only valid for Agrimaster versions up to and including 6.3.54

Set up auto backup to remind you to back up to m:drive when an Auto Backup is triggered.

  1. From the Home page, click Setup and Tools image001.jpg
  2. Click Settings image002.jpg
  3. Click AutoBackup Settings. Leave the Options on the screen as they are; your settings may be different to what is shown here image003.jpg
  4. Select Also AutoBackup to m:drive. Activate Auto Backup will be selected by default. If not, see How to Configure Your Auto Backup Settings for instructions image004.jpg
    • Setup the AutoBackup to m:drive additional settings:
      • Include tax files for all AutoBackups to m:drive: Ticked by default and should not be unticked
      • Autobackup to m:drive whenever Agrimaster is closed: This option will back up every time you close Agrimaster
      • AutoBackup to m:drive whenever a data file is closed: This option will back up your data if you use multiple files and Agrimaster will perform a backup every time you switch between them
      • AutoBackup Online when a data file is backed up: This option will use the AutoBackup details to a specified drive and also simultaneously back up online
  1. Click the green tick to save your changes and then click the black cross to exit
  2. When one of the above selected options occurs (e.g. such as when you close your file) the Agrimaster program will attempt to AutoBackup online. Enter your password and logon as prompted
  3. If you have ticked the box to have Agrimaster remember your password, the password will be entered automatically
  4. A warning message will display if your m:drive account no longer has space available. The online backup will not proceed and a notification window will open.  If this occurs, you will need to contact Agrimaster to upgrade your account.
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