Adjust A budget

This video will explain how to adjust your budgets after reviewing it. Depending on whether your budget is a Quick Budget or a Full Budget, the method is different.

  • To adjust a Quick Budget.
  • To adjust a Full Budget. 

To Adjust A Quick Budgets

  1. Open your working Quick Budget (with the imported actuals). Read more to create a working Quick Budget.
  2. Click the CB Lock checkbox to unlock the cashbook data.
  3. Click the relevant code.
  4. Click in the cell under the required month to adjust the budget figures.

To Adjust A Full Budgets 

There are two ways to adjust a Full Budget, both of which are outlined below: 

Adjust Using Direct Entry

  1. Open your working Full Budget (with the imported actuals). Read more to create a working Full Budget.
  2. Click the red lock icon to unlock the cashbook – the lock will change to green to indicate it is now unlocked.
    image002.png image003.png
  3. Find the code you wish to adjust, and add the adjustment as a direct entry into the budget.

Adjust By Changing The Full Budget Worksheets

  1. Copy the worksheets you wish to adjust.
  2. Make changes as needed.
  3. Attach the copied worksheets to the working budget.

Refer to the following Full Budget training videos for further assistance updating your Full Budget worksheets.

  1. Sheep Worksheets
  2. Cropping Worksheets
  3. Assets & Liability Worksheets
  4. Fixed & Variable Costs
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