Set up Default Codes and Names

The Default Codes, Names feature can be used where there are receipts or payments that appear each month on your statement having the same statement reference or narration. 

This option allows you to setup alternative defaults for items so on subsequent imports they are recognised and automatically coded. You will then only be required to verify coding. 

Do not use this option for ‘one off’ transactions or for transactions that may have a different reference at any time. 

Set up defaults prior to completing the automatic reconciliation process. 

  1. In the Automatic Reconciliation screen, click Default Codes, Names.
  2. The below window displays. Set up the account - This will code the items, matching your selection for future entries 


    • Statement Reference: Click the item you wish to automatically code as highlighted in blue in the screenshot. That detail will then appear in Statement Reference field
    • Default Code: Select a Code
    • Default Name: Select a Name
    • Default Enterprise: Select an Enterprise
    • Default Allocation: Select an Allocation
    • Default Description: Provide a description
  3. Once you have completed the first transaction, click  to save the existing transaction coding and to move onto the next item

    Note: you may also click the next item in the list if you wish to skip items

  4. Click the black cross to save the changes and close this screen
  5. You will now be returned to the Automatic Reconciliation screen
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