Download Banking Transaction History

This article explains the process of downloading your transaction history (bank statement data) from your bank’s website into Agrimaster to facilitate faster reconciliation.

If you require additional assistance in downloading your statement, please check your bank’s website. Many banks provide an interactive demonstration showing how to download the data. 

You will need to set up internet banking in Agrimaster prior to downloading your transaction history. image001.jpg

To export your transaction history from the bank: 

  1. Log on to your bank's web site
  2. Find the statement history/transaction download/account history area
    (The exact name of this section will depend on your bank)
  3. Locate the option to search and/or export your data
  4. Select the month you wish to download
  5. If available, you may be able to choose from different download types. Select Agrimaster if available
    • If your bank does not offer an Agrimaster option, please select the CSV ( Comma Separated Values) option
    • If your bank does not offer either of these options, please contact Agrimaster Support for assistance
  6. Depending on the bank, you will be asked to export or save the data to your computer. Depending on your browser settings, this may go into your Download folde automatically. You will need to set your browser up to always ask where to save download.
  7. A window will appear. Choose Save, then click OK 
  8. The Save as window will open. Select the Netbank folder located in C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\NetBank\
  9. Enter the File name for this bank account, eg farmcheq.csv image002.jpg

    The File name can be located from the Internet Banking Setup screen in the Tools menu in Agrimaster 

  10. Click Save. If you have previously downloaded your bank statement, a window will appear asking if you wish to replace it with the new statement - click Yes
  11. When the download is complete, click Close
  12. Repeat this procedure for any other bank account statements to be exported 

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