Adding Bank Account Details in Agrimaster

Before you start using Internet Banking in Agrimaster, you need to enter your bank account details into the Bank Account sections of Agrimaster. These details ensure that Agrimaster reads the bank account statement for the correct, associated account and EFT batch payments can be uploaded to your bank internet banking website.

Internet Banking requires the BSB and A/c Number associated with the bank account to work. To do this follow the steps below. 

  1. From the Home Page, click Setup & Tools.
  2. Click Cashbook Setup.
  3. Click Bank Accounts.
  4. If no bank accounts exist, you will automatically be in 'Add New' bank account mode.
    If a bank account already exists, you will be in 'Editing' mode. Click each account to check if the BSB & A/c Number has been entered. If not, enter them for each account. 
    Please Note: Do not include any spaces in the BSB and A/c Number fields and ensure a dash is placed after the first three numbers in the BSB, I.E.016-000.
  5. To add a new bank account:
    • Switch from Edit mode to Add New mode by clicking the Add New button, or by pressing F6 on your keyboard. 
    • In Editing mode, click the bank account that needs to be varied. The details are displayed on the right-hand side. Enter the BSB and account number fields. 
      • Name: Your bank account's name.
      • Bank: Your bank's name e.g. NAB.
      • Balance & As at: Balance of the account as at the date in the As at field.
      • BSB: Your bank's BSB number (BSB consists of 6 digits with a dash placed after the first 3 digits).
      • A/c Number: Your account number (no dashes, spaces or other than number characters).
      • APCS: Your APCA (Australian Payments Clearing Association) number - only required by some banks.
      • EFT Export Bank: Select the bank for the account. 
  6. Click the green tick or press F10 to save data.
  7. Repeat the above format for additional bank accounts. 
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