Can't create EFT / Batch Files or Download Transaction Files

When creating EFT/Batch Files or downloading transaction files, you may encounter errors.

To fix this issue: 

  1. Go to Setup & Tools > Internet Banking Setup > Internet Banking Setup
  2. Check what is shown in the box at the top left-hand corner. This should read C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\Netbank\ IB_banking.jpg
  3. If this is not showing:
    • Highlight what's entered in that field & delete
    • Click the green tick
    • Click Internet Banking Setup
    • Check the path again - it should now read C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\Netbank\ 

Please note: When uploading the netpay file to your bank and/or downloading your transactions, ensure the location on your computer points to C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\Netbank\



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