What's New in Agrimaster 6.3.47

Fuel Tax Calculation Changes

Fuel tax rates are now calculated based on the date fuel is delivered, not when it is paid for. In this update, the fuel tax calculation in Agrimaster has been updated to reflect the changes made by the ATO.  

For further information and instructions, read this article.

Fuel Tax Rates Updated

The new fuel tax rates released by the ATO have been updated in Agrimaster. If no fuel tax rate has been entered or an incorrect rate was entered for a closed period, the update will not make any changes to the closed BAS periods.

You can still add rates manually if you are unable to update. For more information, read this article.

Transactions Dated 1899 in Cash Trial Balance

On rare occasions, when running a Cash Trial Balance using the Transactions and Splits or Transactions Only options, one or more lines in the report show a date of 30 Dec 1899. You can now resolve this issue by using the Rebuild File feature.

For more information, please read this article.

Westpac Link in EFT Export Screen

Westpac changed the link to export the ABA file to Westpac from the Export to Westpac screen. This link has been updated in Agrimaster.

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