Audit History (Audit Trail)

The audit history, also known as the audit trail in Agrimaster, records the date and times of the following events:

  • All deletions of data.
  • Additions & edits of data into closed months.
  • The file being backed up or restored.
  • Tax periods being closed or opened.
  • Cashbook months being closed & reopened.
  • Records being edited, added or deleted.
  • Changes of GST status (Cash to accruals).
  • Alterations to code names, bank account names.
  • Changes of GST category.
  • Shortening the cashbook.
  • Rename file.
  • Creation of the file.
  • Changes to Fuel tax entities.

The audit history may be useful for tracking discrepancies in a file and is particularly useful for accountants when trying to find issues in the clients’ data when preparing their BAS or end of year tax.

Accessing Audit History 

  1. At the Home Page, click Cashbook.
  2. Click Report.
  3. Click Accounting Reports.
  4. While on the Accounting Reports screen, hold down Shift then ALT and then F12 keys on your keyboard (you should have all three keys held down).
  5. The Audit History screen will be displayed.image005.jpg

Viewing Audit History 

  1. You can use the Show only option to look at the type of events.image006.jpg
  2. Or if you know the record number of the record you are interested in finding out more about, you can enter a record number in Record to show.image007.jpg
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