Cash Trial Balance 30 Dec 1899 Error

When running a Cash Trial Balance using the Transactions and Splits or Transactions Only options, on rare occasions you may encounter one or more lines in the report with a date of 30 Dec 1899.

This is caused by one or more corrupted transactions in your database and your file will require repairing as searching for the transaction with its record number will not enable you to find it in Repair Past.

This can be fixed using Rebuild File once you have updated to version 6.3.47 and later. If you do not know how to do this, click Rebuild File.

The corrupted transactions will be re-created and then appear in the fix errors list and need to be fixed in Repair Past. To do this,

  1. Click “Fix Errors” once you have run Rebuild File. You will be automatically directed to the Repair Past Transactions screen
  2. If you believe the transaction(s) found are not required, delete the transactions from The Repair Past Transactions If you are unsure we recommend you repair them.
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