Restore a Wage Easy or Wagemaster File from m:Drive

Once you have saved a backup copy of your Wage Easy or Wagemaster file onto m:drive, you are then able to restore it as required.

Logon to m:drive via the Online Backup & Restore Service:

  1.  From the Home page, click File image002.jpg
  2. Click Backup Restore image003.jpg
  3. Click Restore from m:drive image004.jpg
  4. The m:drive online services logon window will open. You will be required to enter your password to use the service. Alternatively, click the Remember Password box if you do not want to enter your password every time 


  5. The Restore from m:drive for user window will open, listing the archived files available 


  6. Under My Payroll Backups - Wagemaster, click the image007.jpg beside the folder with the required file name. Alternatively, double-click the folder name to expand it.
  7. A list of the available payroll data files will appear with the date of back up. Select the file you would like restored 


  8. Click the green folder to change the directory to the location of your Wage Easy or Wagemaster data file (please check this location if unsure)


  9. At the Select 'Restore To' Folder, click the green tick
  10. The Restore From m:drive for user [use number] window will display. Click the green tick on the main window to restore the required copy
  11. Confirm the restore and overwrite of any previous copy by clicking the green tick 


  12. When the file has been restored, click OK 


  13. Click the image014.jpg and return to the Agrimaster homepage to open the Wage Easy/Wagemaster file 





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