What's an Entity Key?

When more than one business entities (with differing ABNs) are owned by the same owner(s), rather than purchasing separate subscriptions for each entity, Mastergroup allows the business owner(s) to manage all their businesses under one Agrimaster subscription.  This can be done by the purchase of extra registration keys, called Entity Keys.

Entity keys allow the owners to

  • display the correct entity details on invoices and reports
  • have the details of the entity name and ABN displayed in the watermark & footer of a file created for this ABN

When you purchase an Entity Key for another business entity (a company or business) ABN, you will receive an email with your Entity Key details.

In order for these details to be displayed correctly in the file, (e.g. watermark and footer of your reports), you must add the Entity Key into your Agrimaster program.

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